Guidance to solve osteoporosis

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Bones are an essential part of our bodies. There are approximately 33.6 million people in the US alone who suffer from diseases that cause bone density loss such as osteoporosis. Since the skeletal system provides the body’s main support and movement, patients afflicted with musculoskeletal disorders gradually lose their quality of life.





Thank you for being #ConCienciaPR!

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We'd like to thank these individuals, companies and organizations for their commitment with science education and the progress of Puerto Rico. Thanks to their donations we will continue celebrating Puerto Rican science; reaching more students and educators with culturally relevant resources; and supporting young scientists.

Thanks to these 105 supporters, PACIV, Lilly of the Caribbean and Pfizer Puerto Rico we raised $14,492.93. Thank you for investing in the future of Puerto Rico. Thank you for being #ConCienciaPR!

These donations will help us continue creating initiatives that bring Puerto Rican science to everyone and improve science education and access to scientific careers in Puerto Rico.

A Decade Transforming Science in Puerto Rico Together

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This year, we are celebrating a decade of promoting science and research in Puerto Rico. Through our programs and initiatives we have transformed the way science and scientists are presented in the media. We have created thousands of resources to make science relevant to the reality and culture of students in our classrooms. We have also established programs that foster the development of the next generation of Puerto Rican scientists and innovators. Our efforts have been recognized by the White House and by the Caribbean Division of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

A seemingly wild idea

A little over 10 years ago, CienciaPR was as an idea. What if there was a website where anyone in the world who is interested in science and Puerto Rico could find each other? What if scientists could contribute to Puerto Rico no matter where they were located?

This seemingly wild idea was born at Stanford University —in the heart of Silicon Valley—where founder Daniel Colón-Ramos was a postdoc and around the same time where social networks like Facebook were created.

CienciaPR was envisioned as a space for connection, cooperation and the exchange of ideas and resources. We realized that by creating a web-based network that brought together the geographically dispersed Puerto Rican scientific community we could transform the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) ecosystem in Puerto Rico. Ten years ago we could not have imagined that it would become so much more.

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