*** ERC-funded PhD research positions in sensing of tumour microenvironment (2 vacancies)***

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TitleERC-funded PhD research positions in sensing of tumour microenvironment (2 vacancies)
Opportunity TypeJobs / Talent Search
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Two PhD research positions are available in the frame of the ERC project “Sensing cell-cell interaction heterogeneity in 3D tumor models: towards precision medicine (INTERCELLMED)” to carry out fundamental r





Reflections on my PhDversary

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It’s been exactly two years since I completed my PhD on Tuesday, January 15th, 2013.

Since then some things have changed, some have not. I swapped the bench for outreach; the microscope for Twitter; pipettes for YouTube. Although I no longer do research in a lab, my love for discovery and learning remains the same.

Today instead of thinking about experiments with worms and microscopes I think about how to make science matter to people. Instead of generating knowledge, I share it. I have a different role in the process of science.

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