*** ERC-funded PhD research positions in sensing of tumour microenvironment (2 vacancies)***

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Monday, 30 July 2018
TitleERC-funded PhD research positions in sensing of tumour microenvironment (2 vacancies)
Opportunity TypeJobs / Talent Search
Full Description

Two PhD research positions are available in the frame of the ERC project “Sensing cell-cell interaction heterogeneity in 3D tumor models: towards precision medicine (INTERCELLMED)” to carry out fundamental research in the interdisciplinary field of three-dimensional cell cultures, biosensing, and drug testing.

The overarching goal of this project is to develop a novel in vitro 3D sensing platform for studying the interactions between tumour cells and stromal cells in pancreatic carcinoma patient-derived tumoroids. The realization of such preclinical in vitro systems is crucial to rapidly test drug sensitivity of patients.

A major part of the project will be devoted to the design and synthesis of novel analyte-sensor particles capable to read-out, with high specificity and sensitivity, the concentration changes of key cellular analytes, including K+, pH and oxygen. A second part of the project will focus on the development of proper mathematical models for measuring the spatiotemporal gradients of these analytes in complex multiple cell cultures and correlate the analyte changes with the drugs effects. Thirdly, in vitro 3D sensing platforms that promote the growth of patient-derived tumoroids will be obtained and used for testing potential anticancer drugs on patient-specific tumoroids.

Brief Description

The candidates will be working in the newly-established team “3DCellSensing” at Nanotechnology Institute of CNR in Lecce (Italy) (http://nanotec.cnr.it/it/). They will work in a multidisciplinary environment and will have access to state-of-the-art instrumentation and modern laboratory facilities.

Target City, CountryLecce, Italy
Field of Interestoptical sensing, diagnosis, tumoroids, pancreatci cancer, metabolism
Eligibility Criteria

The ideal candidates should have basic notion of material science, some experience in either synthesis of nanoparticles, in vitro 3D cell cultures, fluorescence microscopy or computational physics, as well as very good team working skills.

Good knowledge of English language is required.

Total Value23.787,00 (gross salary per 1 year)
Link to Websitehttp://nanotec.cnr.it/
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Sponsor NameCNR NANOTEC - Institute of Nanotechnology
Headquarters and Contact

Loretta L. del Mercato, Ph.D. CNR NANOTEC - Institute of Nanotechnology c/o Campus Ecotekne, University of Salento Via Monteroni - 73100 Lecce (IT) Office. +39 0832319825 Email. loretta.delmercato@nanotec.cnr.it http://nanotec.cnr.it http://nanotec.cnr.it/it/user/loretta.l.del.mercato/



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