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UC San Diego hiring 12 Assist Profs in biological sciences (various fields)

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The UC San Diego FIRST Program is recruiting 12 new diverse Assistant Professors in the areas of Cancer, Cardiovascular Sciences, Immunology/Infectious Diseases & Neurosciences to an innovative cohort program with strong mentorship in research and career development, academic promotion, access to networks and communities of diverse scholars! UC San Diego FIRST faculty will be appointed in suitable departments across ca





Conversations with Scientists: The Postdoc Transition

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A postdoctoral position is the expected next step for many graduate students. If you are interested in an academic career, then a postdoc is definitely a necessary rung on the ladder towards academia. Choosing the right postdoc will then be one of the most important decisions for your career and you will need to think about it carefully and with advance time before making the switch. If you are still not sure about your career goals, then a postdoc might afford you additional time to make a decision, but this can come at a cost of time and salary. For these reasons, it is important to inform yourself as soon as possible about what it means to do a postdoc and what to consider when searching for one.

Conversations with Scientists: Success in Academic Careers

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Not all academic jobs are created equal. Some focus primarily on research, some on teaching and many are a combination of both research and teaching. How does one decide which academic career to pursue? What are the perks and challenges of each?

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