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Red internacional ofrecerá taller en enseñanza astronomía-Maestros ciencia 6to-12mo

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Maestros(as) de ciencias de 6to-12mo grado de escuelas públicas:

Le invitamos a considerar una oportunidad única de desarrollar sus destrezas de enseñanza en astronomía, al participar de un entrenamiento ofrecido por recursos internacionales que visitarán la isla. 





Puerto Rican Astrophysicist uses her hearing to explore starts

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Rebeca J. Agosto Rosa

Wanda Díaz Merced uses her hearing to explore starts at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. 

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Listening to the whispers from the stars

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Dr. Wanda Díaz
Dr. Wanda Díaz Merced has created a system that lets her "listen" to the stars (Credit: William Leibman)

Frequently, science teachers ask their students to draw a scientist so that they can get a sense of what students think and imagine about scientists. Thousands and thousands of drawings show the same stereotypical characteristics: a male scientist, white, dressed in a lab coat, usually a chemist mixing liquids and generating explosions, and a person that does not have any physical limitations. 

No student has ever drawn a scientist like Dr. Wanda Díaz Merced.  This young woman from Gurabo embodies the scientific anti-stereotype. Not only is she a woman and Puerto Rican, but also she completed her doctoral work in astrophysics, and without being able to use her sight.

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