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Simulating Magnetic Nanoparticles At UPRM... Plot Twist: They Have Shifted Dipoles

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During this summer I had the opportunity to participate in a life-changing program at my own Campus, UPRM. The RMSM REU program provided me with the tools to conduct meaningful research and gave me the chance to meet a small group of people that I will call forever my friends. And as I wrote this, I just remembered something that a friend told me some time ago: "less is better". And it is that, even though this program didn't hosted a lot of students like others universities may do, being a small group of 11 strangers from different cultures, 10 weeks gave us enough time to make bonds that will most likely endure a lifetime. Moreover, during the program I came to the conclusion that I was looking for when I got enrolled on it... Go, or not to go to grad school?

RMSM REU - Aggregation Dynamics of Active Shifted-Dipole Particle Suspensions

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My name is Angel González and I am a student of mechanical engineering at UPRM. At this time I am just 9 credits from my degree and graduate school seems like will be the next step in my career. This is why I decided to apply to the Reconfigurable & Multifunctional Soft Materials REU, to explore the areas of research at my alma mater and acquire skills that will help me through my professional development. So far, one month into the program, I've got the opportunity to learn things that will not only help me during grad school, but throughout my entire life thanks to the seminars and all the activities that our REU managers have arranged for us in addition to the hands on experience that we get on research.

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