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Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico at Ponce Youth Leader Selected to Serve as Local Water Challenge Ambassador by Philippe Cousteau, Jr’s EarthEcho International

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EarthEcho International, a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to equipping youth with resources to act now for a sustainable future, has selected Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico student Nashalie Irizarry as one of 20 young environmental leaders from across the United States who will help tackle the global water crisis starting in their local communities. As part of the inaugural EarthEcho Water Challenge Ambassadors initiative, Nashalie Irizarry will increase knowledge of local water resources throughout  the Municipality of Ponce by monitoring local water quality and engaging their peers in water quality monitoring and conservation events.


The Water Challenge Ambassadors are part of the EarthEcho Water Challenge, an annual program that equips individuals, schools, businesses, and organizations to make their communities healthier and more sustainable through the simple actions of testing water quality locally, sharing data internationally, and taking action to protect water resources.


“Young leaders like Nashalie are making a positive impact every day in a growing movement to conserve and protect the natural resources that connect and sustain us all,” said EarthEcho International Founder Philippe Cousteau, Jr. “We are excited to add her passion and vision to this group of young environmental champions dedicated to engaging their peers and community members to take action to protect precious local water sources.”  


“I feel very excited to know that I will be part of EarthEco International for water monitoring. Since we are not taking care of this resource I want to get people to know how important is for us to have clean water. Many people around the world have no access to it and that is why we need to be more conscious of how we use it. If we all know how the lack of water affects an entire ecosystem then I am sure that we will modify our behavior. I would like to invite you all to come take the tests with me starting the next month as we learn and share the results worldwide”, said Nashalie Irizarry.


Nashalie Irizarry was selected through a nationwide application process to participate in this pioneering youth-led initiative. The 2018 EarthEcho Water Challenge Ambassadors program is coordinated by EarthEcho International’s Youth Leadership Council (YLC) and sponsored by Xylem Watermark.  To learn more about this year’s Water Challenge Ambassadors, visit


For more information about the EarthEcho Water Challenge, visit, follow EarthEcho International on social media, and join the conversation with hashtag #MonitorWater:


Twitter: @EarthEcho

Instagram: @EarthEcho