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The March was only the beginning

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The March for Science Puerto Rico was a historic day. However, Earth Day 2017 was not the end, but the beginning of our work. We need your help to continue celebrating, advocating and defending science in Puerto Rico and around the world.

In the coming weeks we will be sharing actions that you can take to continue advancing the goals of the March for Science Puerto Rico.

The day #CienciaBoricua became visible

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Under the Caribbean sun and embraced a cool sea breeze, on April 22, 2017, over 600 scientists, students and citizens marched for science. It was a historic day for Puerto Rican science. Young and old flooded the streets of historic Old San Juan to celebrate #cienciaboricua, to demand policies based on evidence and informed by the local scientific community. We joined 600+ cities around the world to #MarchForScience.

Stories of #CienciaBoricua @ Lote 23

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Science like you've never heard it before. 

SAN JUAN, PR – Puerto Rican science will be the main course on April 18, starting at 7:00 pm, at Lote 23, in Santurce. As part of their activities, the March for Science-Puerto Rico will be presenting "Historias de #CienciaBoricua @ Lote 23." 

The event will feature personal stories about science and adventures in the pursuit of knowledge and innovation. Through these stories, Puerto Rican scientists will share how science touches every aspect of our lives—including their own.

Puerto Rico Will March for Science

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SAN JUAN, PR — This coming Earth Day, Saturday April 22, Puerto Rico will join over 514 concurrent events around the world with March for Science–Puerto Rico. The event will begin at 11:00 a.m., at Plaza Colon in Old San Juan. From there the March will head towards the Capitol and end in the Pabellón de la Paz in Luis Muñoz Rivera Park, where it will join the Para la Naturaleza Fair, where the public can enjoy exhibitions and scientific activities for all ages.


CienciaPR to co-organize March for Science–Puerto Rico

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The nonprofit organization Ciencia Puerto Rico (CienciaPR), the largest network of Puerto Rican scientists in the world, joins the March for Science-Puerto Rico as a co-organizer.

The March for Science-Puerto Rico, will take place April 22, 2017 (Earth Day) beginning at 11:00 am at Plaza Colon in Old San Juan, moving towards the Capitol and ending at the Pavilion of Peace in Luis Muñoz Rivera Park, where it will join the Feria Para la Naturaleza, where the public will enjoy exhibitions and scientific activities for all ages. The March is one of more than 425 simultaneous events around the world to represent, celebrate and defend science.

Conversations with Scientists: The Postdoc Transition

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During the first Conversations with Scientists of the 2017 Yale Ciencia Academy (YCA), scientists in research careers talked about their experiences applying for and getting a postdoc, as well as shared practical advice and strategies that helped them during the process.

The panelists were: Dr. Reyna Martinez de Luna, Research Scientist at SUNY Upstate Medical University; Dr. Janitza Montalvo-Ortiz, Postdoctoral Research Associate at Yale University; and Dr. Manuel Navedo, Associate Professor at the University of California, Davis.

Watch the conversation and read a summary put together by 2017 YCA Fellows Victor Aguilar, Simara Laboy and Aileen García-Vargas below.

Conversations with Scientists: Marketing Yourself

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During this conversation, panelists in a variety of careers shared practical advice on how you can effectively market yourself to be competitive for your next career move. Panelists also shared strategies for personal branding to help graduate students establish themselves as leaders or experts in their field.

Below is some reading material about marketing yourself and personal branding:

Conversations with Scientists: Funding & Fellowships

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During this conversation, panelists with experience obtaining grants, fellowships and other funds shared practical strategies to get funding from diverse sources (federal and state government, foundations, private industry, etc.), particularly graduate and postdoctoral fellowships. Panelists also provided general advice for successful fundraising in or outside academia, for example, making sure you have an organized, solid narrative; reading the call for proposals carefully; seeking feedback from mentors and peers; anticipating reviewer questions, etc.  

Thank you for being #ConCienciaPR!

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We'd like to thank these individuals, companies and organizations for their commitment with science education and the progress of Puerto Rico. Thanks to their donations we will continue celebrating Puerto Rican science; reaching more students and educators with culturally relevant resources; and supporting young scientists.

Thanks to these 105 supporters, PACIV, Lilly of the Caribbean and Pfizer Puerto Rico we raised $14,492.93. Thank you for investing in the future of Puerto Rico. Thank you for being #ConCienciaPR!

These donations will help us continue creating initiatives that bring Puerto Rican science to everyone and improve science education and access to scientific careers in Puerto Rico.

Yale Ciencia Academy: Professional Development Opportunity for Young Scientists

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New Haven, CT - The nonprofit organization Ciencia Puerto Rico (CienciaPR) is making a call for applications to the Yale Ciencia Academy (www.ciencia.org/yca; YCA), an innovative program to transform the training of young scientists in Puerto Rico and the United States. YCA is a collaboration between CienciaPR and Yale University and is funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).


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