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Localizado en el Viejo San Juan, el Instituto de Neurobiología se convierte nuevamente en pionero de las ciencias al establecer el Centro para la Neurociencia Ambiental de Puerto Rico.

The newly established Puerto Rico Center for Environmental Neuroscience (PRCEN) uses a multidisciplinary approach “to understand the complex interplay of molecular, cellular, organismal, and ecosystem dynamics faced by organisms under the increasingly stressful conditions created by human impacts on the environment,” explained the director of the Institute of Neurobiology, Dr. Steve Treistman. 

The Center brings together a multi-disciplinary team of biologists, neuroscientists, chemists and environmental scientists, among others, to push the boundaries of science and create new areas of research and discovery.  By combining state-of-the-art cellular, molecular, physiological, and behavioral neuroscience techniques with a vast expertise in local tropical ecosystems and environmental science, researchers at the PRCEN will be true pioneers in the understanding of how anthropogenic impacts on the environment affect the function of the nervous system.


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