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Energy Reform of Puerto Rico (P.S. 1121)

Luis Alexis Rodríguez Cruz's picture

The measure, whose authors are Senators Larry Seilhamer and Eduardo Bhatia, seeks to reform the energy system of Puerto Rico. The opening to the market, the use of renewable energies and microgrids are some points that stand out.


Legislative Body: 

Puerto Rico Senate

Relevance to PR: 

The fall of the energy system, after hurricane Maria, generated enormous obstacles that threatened the welfare and life of many people in Puerto Rico. In addition, it was one of the great obstacles to recovery. We know that, due to climate change, stronger and more persistent hurricanes are likely to develop in the near future. Therefore, it is imperative that the energy system of Puerto Rico be a resilient and resistant one, and that it also produces accessible and clean energy.



Current Status: 

In the process of being assigned to the Conference Committee

Suggested action: 

People interested in the project, especially those experts in the area of ​​energy and climate change, should be aware of who is assigned to the Conference Committee. After that, according to the legislative process in Puerto Rico, if consensus is reached and the relevant changes are made in the legislation where all the parties agree, it is sent directly to the governor. Therefore, it is recommended that each one make an approach to such legislators to achieve favorable changes in the measure. For more information, you may contact the Special Affairs Committee on Energy of the Senate of Puerto Rico (787-724-2030, ext 4081).