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PS 773 Public policy of the Government of Puerto Rico in relation to climate change and mitigation and adaptation processes by sectors

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The measure filed in the Senate of Puerto Rico in December 2017 seeks to re-establish public policy in relation to climate change. The measure proposes, among other things, to increase to 33% the generation of renewable energy by 2035 and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases by 40% of the total emissions issued in 1990. It also orders the approval of a Plan of Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change. Click here for the final copy sent to the House of Representatives. Access here for a report of the bill in the local media.

Legislative Body: 

Puerto Rico Senate

Relevance to PR: 

It is essential to establish a public policy that facilitates the creation of a Mitigation and Adaptation Plan for Climate Change at the country level that deals with infrastructure and planning issues to reduce the vulnerability of all sectors of society to extreme weather events. These plans must include contingency measures to establish protocols for emergency management and recovery from natural disasters.

Current Status: 

Approved with amendments on June 21, 2018, referred to the Committee on Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environmental Affairs Chamber. Public views in October 2018.

Suggested action: 

Environmental and community experts and organizations should study the proposal and develop recommendations to improve the bill and disseminate its importance. The scientific community should promote that the new law be implemented so that an adaptation and mitigation plan is developed at the island level.