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PS 950: To establish the "Law for the protection of women and the preservation of life " within the abortion procedures in Puerto Rico

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To establish the "Law for the protection of women and the preservation of life" within the abortion procedures in Puerto Rico. With the establishment of this law, it is proposed: 1) To carry out abortion procedures only in authorized hospital facilities. 2) Perform an abortion only when the patient has been informed about the procedure, a sonogram has been performed and a 48-hour period between consultation and procedure has been expected. 3) The abortion procedure is restricted to the viability of the fetus, and to a medical emergency that may result in the risk of death for the mother. 4) Abortion is prohibited after twenty (20) weeks of gestation. 5) The procedure is forbidden to minors who do not have parental consent or an order issued by a judge.

For media coverage of this legislation, click here.

Legislative Body: 

Puerto Rico Senate

Relevance to PR: 

Abortion is a legal practice in Puerto Rico whether it is the woman's personal decision or due to medical reasons. After the federal controversy of "Roe vs. Wade", abortion is not only a legal practice but it is considered to be a woman's right. However, states or jurisdictions can establish abortion procedures and regulations without violating or prohibiting women's right to a safe and free abortion.

Current Status: 

There is no date for voting on the measure in the Senate.

Suggested action: 

Women, scientific groups and experts must submit evidence to correct the lack of scientific background presented by this measure. As part of public health in Puerto Rico, it is important to have free access to safe and regulated medical procedures for all women. The Campaign for Free, Safe and Accessible Abortion in Puerto Rico convened a meeting on November 6, 2018 to discuss the status of this measure in the Senate and its prompt full vote.