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Study of the National Academy of Sciences proposes / demonstrates the feasibility of alternative methods to deactivate or confiscate free air or detonation munitions.

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The report highlights the feasibility of new technologies to deactivate ammunition, which could reduce risks to public health and the environment compared to the frequently used method of outdoor detonation. For the implementation of said technology - notes the report - funds from the United States Congress are needed. The US Department of Defense and Navy has not elaborated detailed plans for the implementation of these methods, which have not been prioritized by either of the two military entities. The seizure of ammunition type open air or detonation is a key step to reduce the impacts on public health and environment in Vieques, Puerto Rico, in compliance with the obligations of the Department of Defense as well as the US Navy.

Legislative Body: 

US Senate

Relevance to PR: 

There is still a long way to go to clean up munitions in Vieques. Many of these are detonated in the open air, which generates emissions that affect public health and the environment. The report of the National Academy of Sciences highlights alternative methods that are not harmful to human health or the environment.

Current Status: 

Report has been published.

Suggested action: 

1. Share the report on social media and public media and highlight their findings to give visibility to the issue at the local and federal level
2. Contact your legislators to let them know of the report and ask them to (a) support measures that provide funds for the implementation of alternative detonation methods and (b) to develop plans to implement these methods as soon as possible in Vieques. In particular, it is recommended to contact members of the committees of the armed forces of the Senate and the House of Representatives of the United States.