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Updates regarding science policy with an impact on Puerto Rico and ways for scientists to get involved.

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H.R. 6208: Puerto Rico Flexibility in Food Assistance Act of 2018

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Legislative Body: 

US House

To amend the Food and Nutrition Act of 2008 to authorize additional funds to expand the nutritional assistance program in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico; and to require the Secretary of Agriculture to permit such assistance to be provided by the Commonwealth of Puert

Open Call: The Science for Public Good Fund of the Union of Concerned Scientists

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Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), non-profit organization that advocates the use of science to have a healthier and safer planet for all, announces the second round of its "Science for Public Good Fund"



PS 773 Public policy of the Government of Puerto Rico in relation to climate change and mitigation and adaptation processes by sectors

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Legislative Body: 

Puerto Rico Senate

The measure filed in the Senate of Puerto Rico in December 2017 seeks to re-establish public policy in relation to climate change.

Science and public policy for a more resilient Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico is at a crossroads—the reconstruction decisions made following the fiscal crisis and the hurricanes of 2017 will determine the kind of society we will have in the future. Do we want to be prepared for the hurricanes to come? Or are we willing to allow the mistakes of the past to be repeated?

Moving forward requires that Puerto Rican policy makers incorporate the best available data from different fields, from economics, public administration, and social sciences, to engineering, technology, and the natural and physical sciences. Therefore, it is essential that public and private sectors collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to formulate public policies based on evidence.


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