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Can technology change a government?

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When we ask the general population what it is that they believe is wrong with the government, independent upon their level of knowledge on the subject the responses are similar: the system is flawed, elected officials are not the right ones, there is a lack of values in our society, people are ignorant and indifferent because they don’t feel they can do anything and there is a lack of transparency. -And these are the responses from questioning people in my workplace around a period of 5 minutes.-

Introductory Blog to Tech + Policy Series

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What happens when changes occur faster than the time it takes to get used to them? This is the case of science and politics in our era.

We are now living in a world much different than the one our parents and grandparents lived in; and this is all due to the contemporary technologies among us. To deeply understand the upcoming series of blogs about science and technology relating to policy and governance we need to shift our mindset a little bit.

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