Educators, Students and Scientists Share the ‘PhUn’ in Physiology

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A local teacher from Colegio San Conrado will partner with a physiologist from Ponce School of Medicine and Health Sciences to help students explore physiology, the study of how living things work, during PhUn (Physiology Understanding) Week, which begins November 5.

Dr. Caroline Appleyard, Professor of Physiology and RISE Program Director at Ponce School of Medicine and Health Sciences, will visit with the students of the 11th grade to lead the students in hands-on, interactive activities to learn about how their bodies function and how medical discoveries are made. PhUn Week 2012 focuses on the physiology of exercise and health. Students will learn about the cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems. Students will learn about the cardiovascular system by monitoring their own hearts as they exercise and measuring their blood pressure. Some will make a model to learn how their lungs work. Dr. Appleyard will be joined by a team of researchers and graduate students from Ponce School of Medicine and Health Sciences, a team of researchers from the University of Puerto Rico (led by Drs. Jorge Miranda and Jose Garcia), and by teachers from Colegio San Conrado, to engage students in their physiology exploration.

PhUn Week is the annual K-12 outreach program coordinated by The American Physiological Society, a scientific organization with 11,000 members founded in 1887. Physiology is the study of how molecules, cells, tissues and organs function in health and disease. The program gives students a chance to meet and learn from research scientists, learn about physiology in their daily lives, and explore physiology as a possible career. It also builds local partnerships between science teachers and scientists to provide new materials for teachers and give researchers a chance to reach out to the next generation of scientists. More than 11,000 students across the nation are anticipated to participate in PhUn Week.

For more information, contact the APS Education Office, Dr. Caroline Appleyard (, Dr. Jose Garcia ( or Sister Nildred Rodriguez (


The American Physiological Society is a professional scientific membership organization devoted

to fostering scientific research, education, and the dissemination of scientific information.

The APS supports a variety of educational activities including programs and fellowships to

encourage the development of young scientists and science educators,

with a particular focus on women and underrepresented minorities.


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