"Hackers" get together to promote computer programming

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Students and developers who share a poassion for computer programming and coding celebrated the second Puerto Rico Hackathon last Sunday. They shared insights on how to develop web and mobile apps, software, and hardware for various applications.

Several awards were given to notable projects including

Best Hack for a college audience: EncryptedStudentID

Rafael Esparra
Roxana Gonzalez
Xiomara Figueroa

Best Hack for a Web Platform: Projected Pong

César F. Andreu
Fernando Martínez
José Martínez
Kelvin Bonilla

Best Hack for a mobile platform: Sharvent

Isaac Cortez
Julio Valdes

Best hardware Hack: BrightOutlet

Jonathan Gonzalez
Angel Viera
Ramon Gonzalez
Alex Suarez


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