Open Lecture Series at The ConGen2015 Conference (Jan 12-22 2015) in Puerto Rico

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The ConGen2015 Conference ( and the Open Lecture Series in Rincon will be proceeding as scheduled January 12-22, 2015 at Rincon of the Seas Hotel.  I am attaching the most current schedule in excel file.  A lot more information about this event can be found at  People from more than 28 countries will come to Rincon for this international course which has been sponsored by the American Genetic Association, the Smithsonian Institution, UPRM and others.

A special interest is the Open Science Lecture Series.  These are lectures by famous scientists that will occur every night at 7:30 pm except Saturday.
Here is the list of the speakers and what they are famous for:
Jan 13: Steve O'Brien has a famous book'Brien
Jan 14: Scott Baker has an Oscar for "The Cove"
Jan 15: Bob Wayne is controversial for wolf conservation
Jan 18: Al Roca has discovered an elephant species
Jan 19: Cindy Harper is on the front of he war with rhino poachers
Jan 20: Ollie Ryder has a famous TED talk
this is a great collection of people to come, and we need coverage and support so this can happen again. You can see the descriptions of their talks here:
In addition on Saturday 17th there will be a field demonstration at the zoo by Luis Figueroa and the famous okapi and rhino vet Scott Citino from White Oak Conservation Center, and Sunday 18th there will be a Puerto RIcan Parrot day - with Tom White, Ricardo Valentin a dn Jafet Velez all presenting on the success of the Parrot program to the international audience.



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