Oportunidad de investigación subgraduada: PR-CLIMB

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The PR-CLIMB REU Site  developed by Professor Arthur D. Tinoco and Professor Dalice M. Piñero Cruz at the University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras seeks to provide undergraduate students a research experience that capitalizes on the academic and professional strengths of the university and Puerto Rico at large. As a minority-serving institution the site will offer a unique experience to a diverse set of students recruited from 2-year and 4-year institutions. In this nine-week program students will engage in fundamental studies of materials and biomolecules for potential applications in water purification, energy storage, sensing, drug design, and drug delivery. Students will also be exposed to a variety of techniques in seminars and seven hands-on workshops that will develop their skill sets in the biotechnology and pharmaceuticals fields. The ultimate goal is to develop well-rounded students with excellent communication skills who are able to become self-sufficient researchers and productive citizens.

The PR-CLIMB REU Site is designed to provide undergraduate students with high caliber interdisciplinary research experiences that will inspire interest in Chemistry graduate programs and also in the Puerto Rican biotechnology and pharmaceutical job markets as a viable career opportunity. To overcome a current economic crisis in Puerto Rico, it is a top priority to provide a first-rate intellectual experience that demonstrates the excellent quality of the university’s resources and the island’s job opportunities. Ten students will be located in a diverse set of research laboratories focused on fundamental studies of materials and biomolecules that may be engineered for applications in water purification, energy storage, sensing, drug design, and drug delivery. Through seven hands-on workshops, students will obtain a broad training on biomolecular synthesis, chemical fractionation, purity assessment, activity assays, and characterization via spectral, structural, and electrochemical approaches. Seminars will be offered on ethics in research, strategies for producing high quality research and public presentations, and funding opportunities for graduate work. In addition, professionals in academia and industry will discuss their respective job fields. 

For more information visit: http://reu-prclimb.weebly.com/



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