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Monday, 15 December 2014

El laboratorio de la Dra. Melissa Pespeni en la Universidad de Vermont está buscando estudiantes graduados y un técnico de laboratorio para estudiar Genomica, Biodiversidad y Evolución. Fecha límite para solicitudes 15 de diciembre.   

The Pespeni lab is starting at U Vermont and is looking to hire a tech and grad students to study biodiversity, genomics, and adaptation. Applications due Dec 15.

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Melissa Pespeni

In the Pespeni Lab, we aim to better understand the processes that generate and impact the incredible biodiversity that exists on this planet.  To link genes to phenotypes to the environment, we integrate genomics, population genetics, developmental genetics, physiology, and ecology in natural populations with both field- and lab-based investigations.  We use a diversity of invertebrates from sea urchins to horned beetles as models systems.  

In the next few years, we will explore two major lines of investigation: (1) What factors predict whether a species will be resilient or vulnerable in future climate conditions? What are the genomic and physiological mechanisms underlying the capacity for rapid adaptive evolution?  How will species/populations respond to multiple concurrent or sequential environmental stressors? And (2) What are the genetic and developmental bases for trait diversification? Do the same genes and pathways underlie trait differentiation among populations and divergence between species?

Burlington, Vermont consistently makes the national short lists for: "Best Place to Live," "Best College Town," "Best Place to Raise a Family," "Best City for Foodies," and even "Best Place to be a Hippy" - while Vermont is recognized as one of the "greenest," "healthiest," and "most peaceful" states in the nation.  UVM is likewise a vibrant and stimulating community.  One can find biology in all corners of the University, from the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources and the Gund Institute to the Medical School and many places in between, like our excellent Department of Biology.  We also have a vibrant group, the Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology group, that meets to share ideas and build community among likeminded researchers across more than six departments.  The Department of Biology has a cohesive, bright, and very social and supportive group of ~30 graduate students. [Check the lab website for citations for the above claims!]

Prospective students/postdocs/technicians: Please send me an email to introduce yourself, describe how our research interests overlap, and it would be great if you could describe an example of a project that you would find exciting.  Please also include a CV. Applications for the PhD program are due by December 15 (see link below for more information).  


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