Recursos científicos para los maestros y/o profesores!

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Science360 is an up-to-date view of breaking science news from around the world.

National Science Foundation: Learning360: Content includes short videos, news stories, photos, and more, designed to engage the public about the activities, programs, and research results of the National Science Foundation.




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I recommend this site to all

I recommend this site to all teachers who want to challenge their students in acquiring knowledge of academic language in science.  I want to convey to my students (middle/HS students) that reading about science can be perceived as a research adventure, where without ever giving up on full undestanding, you keep on looking for the explanation for each term and concept.  This way you become engaged in the scientific conversation, in the way sientists do, by asking themselves questions.  Hopefully, they will get to that question which no one has answered yet.  That could be their research thesis.