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Collaborations with various media allow us to create a bank of science news of relevance to the Puerto Rican and Hispanic communities and give a venue that our scientific members can use to keep their communities informed and engaged with science.

Also, the news archive can be used as a resource for students and educators

In this section you can find: news written by members of the CienciaPR team and written by other news media and which are reproduced with permission from the original source.

If you want to collaborate with CienciaPR in writing an article, please read this writing and editorial guide and then contact us.

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Blogging for New Audiences with Pablo Llerandi-Román

This article is reproduced by CienciaPR with permission from the original source.

Pablo Llerandi-Román and Daniel Laó-Dávila are two Puerto Rican geologists and members of Ciencia Puerto Rico that created a blog about earth sciences, geology and Puerto Rico, in an effort to contribute to the scientific education of their fellow Puerto Ricans.


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