Money and Materials Donations

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[UPDATED JANUARY 23, 2020, 12:02PM PT]

We recommend supporting Puerto Rico-based organizations that have the resources, trust, and know-how to work with local communities. This is a list of vetted organizations who are providing earthquake support and relief in Puerto Rico. 


The following organizations are collecting money donations to help affected families and communities:


There is great need for emergency and first aid items, clothing, food, water, articles and games for children, bedding, camping and sleeping gear, among other things. There is also great need for mental health support, educational and entertainment activities for both children and adults. You can donate to the organizations we list above to help meet some of these needs, as many of them are delivering supplies and services to southern Puerto Rico. You can also deliver materials (e.g., food, clothing, first aid, games for children, etc.) or services (e.g., medical or psychological support, educational or entertainment). If you decide to collect or deliver materials or services yourself, we suggest that you 1) look at this map to locate camps and shelters where victims are gathering or staying; 2) contact local organizations to assess their needs first; and 3) contact and support organizations that are already collecting items and providing services.