CienciaPR Supports Educational Continuity in Southwestern Puerto Rico

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It felt like a birthday party. Children running around and playing on the swings. As soon as they arrived, parents asked for the teacher and made their way towards the home-made banners that corresponded with their kids’ grade to sign them up. When the call for the start of classes rang, the little ones started settling down. We had to add a table because there wasn’t space for everyone. Then there weren’t enough chairs, and some kids shared.

Puerto Rico Public Health Trust Present After Earthquakes

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Responding to its strong community commitment to improve the health of Puerto Rican communities, the Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust (PRSTRT) along with its program Puerto Rico Public Health Trust (PRPHT) lead a deployment of relief efforts related to the earthquakes of January 2020, which affected several municipalities in the southern area of ​​the Island.


Share or Create Informational or Scientific Content

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CienciaPR has a long history of tapping into the collective knowledge of our community to create educational and informational content to make science accessible and relevant to the Puerto Rican context and culture. We invite members of our community to submit short articles or videos about earthquake-related topics to publish and distribute widely through our website and social media platforms (instructions below). To submit a short article or video, contact our Director of Communications Dr. Mónica I. Feliú-Mójer (

Ask Your Institution's Support for Puerto Rico

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If you work at an academic or educational institution outside of Puerto Rico, there are a number of ways in which you can help. In addition to considering donating, or volunteering your expertise or science communication skills, you can also advocate to your university to 1) support relief efforts in Puerto Rico or 2) make accommodations for students and trainees applying to educational or research programs. We recommend you send the message below to Deans of Undergraduate Admissions, Graduate School, Diversity and Inclusion, Student Affairs, etc. 

Money and Materials Donations

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[UPDATED JANUARY 23, 2020, 12:02PM PT]

We recommend supporting Puerto Rico-based organizations that have the resources, trust, and know-how to work with local communities. This is a list of vetted organizations who are providing earthquake support and relief in Puerto Rico. 


The following organizations are collecting money donations to help affected families and communities:

The Science Behind Earthquakes

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Earthquake in Puerto Rico
Ruins from Puerto Rico's earthquake in 1918.

Two months ago we received 2010 with the news that neighboring Haiti was struck with a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. Not recovered from Haiti’s situation, in the last days of February, Chile also experiences an earthquake; this time an 8.8 one and nowadays they are still getting aftershocks. After all these events have you ever asked yourself what causes an earthquake? Can Puerto Rico be struck by an earthquake? Fortunately, the answers to all these questions and the science behind earthquakes are the focus of the research of geologists like Dr. Daniel Laó Dávila and the Puerto Rico Seismic Network.

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