Dr. Mayda Velasco: Bringing the Universe Home

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Dr. Mayda Velasco, Puerto Rican physicist at Northwestern University
Puerto Rican physicist Dr. Mayda Velasco (Copyright: Ramon "Tonito" Zayas for El Nuevo Día)

Dr. Mayda Velasco is a world-renowned physicist who thinks big—from understanding the universe’s smallest components to building scientific capacity in Puerto Rico and Latin America.

In a building overlooking the ocean in Old San Juan, an eclectic group of people—young and old, women and men, citizens of many countries—are working to understand the structure and evolution of the universe. They have come together at Colegio de Física Fundamental e Interdisciplinaria de las Américas (College of Fundamental and Interdisciplinary Physics of the Americas).

First Puerto Rican woman to be named president of Mycological Society of America

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Dr. Sharon A. Cantrell became the first Puerto Rican woman to be appointed to the presidency of the Mycologycal Society of America, an organization that brings together scientists dedicated to the study of fungi and which was founded in 1932. Dr. Cantrell is a professor at the School of Natural Sciences and Technology of the Universidad del Turabo in Gurabo, Puerto Rico. She obtained her baccalaureate (Biology) and masters (Biology / Mycology) at the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus. In 1996 she completed his PhD in Phytopathology - Mycology at the University of Georgia in Athens. Currently her research is directed to fungal ecology, climate change, extreme environments, taxonomy and systematics.

Puerto Rican Scientist among Fulbright-National Geographic Digital Storytelling Fellows

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Jennifer Gil, a Puerto Rican environmental scientist is one of the 2018-2019 Fulbright-National Geographic Digital Storytelling Fellows. She will travel to Panama to collect microalgae samples, documenting her findings for the world in both Spanish and English through blogging, microscopic pictures and video. Jennifer studied interdisciplinary science at the University of Puerto Rico and recently completed her master’s in environmental science at Florida International University.

Puerto Rican students selected to research internship to study galaxies at Arecibo Observatory

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Young Puerto Rican students Dianaly Cortés Rivera was selected to a research internship to study galaxies at the Arecibo Observatory.  

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Campamento de verano gratuito para niñas de escuela superior interesadas en STEM

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Applications for WiSci STEM Camp 2018 in Namibia just opened! WiSci Camp is an all-expenses paid program for girls from around the world, taking place from June 16 – 28, 2018. You can check this video of last year's WiSci:


If you know any girl who:

• is 15-18 years old and interested in learning more about STEAM fields





Yaireska Collado, Puerto Rican at NASA who narrated the eclipse, shares her story

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José E. Delgado

Dr. Yaireska Collado Vega, who co-presented NASA's solar eclipse transmission, shares her story and why she wore a shirt representing her alma mater, the University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez.

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Science will not thank you: volunteer anecdote

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“Doing science” is to generate knowledge. The process of generating knowledge does not involve any feelings nor does it allow you to know if your findings have any value or not.

This is because science is a human and social process.  The people who give value to the new knowledge generated are the scientists themselves who are people just like you and me.

A dream within a dream

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I've had all kinds of dreams when I sleep. Some are very long and strange but others are just funny. Those dreams while I sleep have always been a mystery to me, but are not part of my favorite moments. Daydreaming is what I really enjoy. I like to imagine how things would be if I do something to make them happen. They say, " It costs nothing to dream". I add that "to achieve your dreams is worth everything."


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