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Assistant Director-Graduate Career Development, Georgia Tech

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Description: Oversee graduate internship programs and designs career development programs for Master's and Ph.D. students. Design and offer programs that help students explore options and be successful in their internship assignment and their career. May be responsible for setting goals, assessing performance and providing feedback, and making pay recommendations for staff and student employees.





What can you expect from the 2018 Yale Ciencia Academy?

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Applications for the Yale Ciencia Academy for Career Development are open! As you are working on your application, we wanted to give you an inside look into the topics that we will be discussing during the 2018 Yale Ciencia Academy. Not working on your application yet? Go here to read more about the program and apply. You can also watch this recording of Facebook Live Q&A we recently hosted with Yale Ciencia fellows and alumni.



Conversations with Scientists 2017: Fellowships and Funding

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During this conversation, scientists in research careers and funding experts talked about their experiences applying for fellowships and grants, and getting funded, as well as shared practical advice and strategies that can help students be successful in the process of securing funding.


Conversations with Scientists 2017: Careers in Industry

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During this conversation, scientists in industry careers will talk about their experiences and paths to industry careers and advice to graduate students interested in pursuing industry careers. They also share resources that could help students make transition into industry careers.




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