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The power of advocacy as a force to generate changes in science

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Advocacy is defined as the act or process of supporting a cause or proposal. In science, this process is vital to create changes and entails the union of the scientific community as one voice. The summer of 2019 has been a historic one for Puerto Rico in all aspects and in this blog, I wish to highlight an event that exemplifies the power of science advocacy in all its splendor: the changes and new appointments to the Puerto Rico Science, Technology & Research Trust (PRSTRT).

Establishing bridges through science diplomacy: The experience of a Puerto Rican scientist in Egypt

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The 3rd International Conference for Women in Science without Borders (WISWB) was held at The British University in Egypt (Cairo, Egypt) from March 12th-14th, 2019. The conference theme was “Science Diplomacy for Sustainable Development”. WISWB is an initiative to increase cooperation between female and male scientists in terms of excellence in scientific research, where meeting participants are expected to present their cutting edge research.

Research and Mentoring: The International Experience of a Borinqueña

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Borinqueña emphasizes the contribution of Puerto Rican and Hispanic women in science and technology and provides a space to discuss topics of interest about the empowerment of women.  In ‘What’s up Borinqueña?’ we share a variety of experiences and perspectives from different women and men that are committed to advancing equality for women in science.

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