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Measuring Attention through computerized programs

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The Attention Networks Test compiles two paradigms designed to measure attention in the human system. The test enables to measure the efficiency and independence of each attention network. It only takes twenty minutes to complete. The Attention Networks Test (ANT) is comprised of visual stimuli and reaction time tasks. These tasks are the Eriksen’s Flanker Task (1974) and Posner’s Cueing Paradigm (1980). Attention serves as a gate for the person to be aware of the senses (Posner & Fan, 2008). Also, the attention system allows for the regulation of impulses and learning in a safe environment (Abundis-Gutiérrez, Checa, Castellanos, & Rueda, 2014).

Searching for a job!

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Hi there! 

Unfortunately I have no more funding to finish my graduate studies, so I have to search for a job so I can save what I need to finish my PhD. I’m wondering if anyone can help me in this search and contact me if there’s any opportunity for me that you know.

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