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Hello All, I have a quantity of equipment and supplies available at great discounts (leaving the island) and wanted to give an opportunity first to local scientists to acquire it. Stuff for molecular cloning, biochem/protein work, electrophysiology. Contact me by email here in my profile.... Equipment General Pipetter Stand (holds 3) Automatic pipetters (1000, 250, 25 uL) Rainin pipettemen (2 sets P1000, P200, P20) 4 Pipette pumps Hot plates, small and large 2 heat blocks for Eppindorf tubes Small incubator, variable temp Dessicator Small microfuge Bunsen burner Small CO2 chamber CO2 regulator Calculators bacterial plate spinner Biochem BioRad PAGE gel casters and holders BioRad E. Coli Genepulser and cuvettes Phast System (GE) Power Supply Electrophysiology Nikon Diphot microscope outfitted for EGFP epiluminescence, 400x, 100x Olympus Tokyo CK microscope (400x, 100x) Nikon TMS microscope 400x Olympus CK2 microscope 400x Digidata 1200 Interface 2 EPC7 Patch Clamps 2 Frequency Devices 902 Filters Techtronix Oscilloscope (#422) Physic Instruments High Voltage amplifier and 120 um stacked piezo transducer Microforge for pipette tips (ALA Scientific) 4 coarse micromanipulators and spare parts 4 magnetic bases Supplies Polyimide tubing Misc tubing Parafilm 21 Eppindorf racks 2 racks that also hold 15 and 50 ml conical tubes Cell culture flasks, 25 cm2 canted neck Tissue culture dishes, 100mm, 35 mm (EasyGrip) Thermometer Several boxes yellow tips Several boxes 15, 50 ml conical tubes 2 boxes cell lifters 25 ml (2 cases), 10 ml (2 cases), 5 ml (3 case) serological pipettes 4 cases 4-well Nunclon plates Eppindorf tubes (1.5 and 0.5 ml) Glass capillary pipettes X-ray film Microcon filters, different cut-off sizes Syringe filters 25um Weigh boats, large and small Kimwipes


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Dear Dr. Boileau: I just read your message today and the list caught my attention. Do you have items left? I hope that is the case. Sincerely, AO Custodio