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Knowledge: To your Health!

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Promoting knowledge as a tool for a healthy life style.

They say it's better to prevent than to deal with an issue after it’s too late.  In no other aspect of our daily life is this more true and important than when it comes to our health. Every day we make decisions that sooner or later will affect us. As time goes on, if we haven’t paid attention to these decisions nor taken care of our physical and emotional health, the body and the mind are going to pass the bill.  Many times we make decisions that affect us negatively without having all the necessary information, or perhaps we have the information but it is not correct nor does it come from reliable sources.
In order to inform and generate a better understanding of health conditions that affect the Puerto Rican population in the archipelago, we will begin to publish a new blog series entitled "Knowledge: To your health".  Articles will focus on various medical conditions that are prevalent in Puerto Rico, explaining the salient and important aspects in exact language, well informed and yet simple to understand. The goal is that the 7 year old cousin and the 83 year old grandmother can understand and relate to the information presented so they can make informed decisions about their health and well being.
The articles will be written by scientists and experts investigating the mechanisms and the development of these conditions. We are also working closely with a group of students from the Medical Sciences Campus of the University of Puerto Rico interested in expanding their skills beyond the technical and medical knowledge. They will be writing their articles based on the training received in the Medical School and will focus on optimizing the effective communication of complex issues such as the medical conditions that we will explore.
We hope that this space will promote a better understanding of health conditions that affect us so we can make informed decisions about how to prevent health problems and maintain a better quality of life and well being.  Cheers!  To your health!
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