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We are our volunteers

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During Volunteer Week, we are grateful of all our volunteers for the magnificent job they do.

Ciencia Puerto Rico exists and is a vibrant community thanks to the commitment, passion, and work of dozens of volunteers.  There are many who throughout the years have given their time, ideas and knowledge to make our organization what it is today.

To celebrate this, our tenth anniversary, we will be sharing stories of CienciaPR Team members. These anecdotes will highlight stories not only how our volunteers have played a leading role in the achievements of the organization, but also how they are an example that one can work for a better Puerto Rico, no matter where one lives.  

Our volunteers are ambassadors for Puerto Rican Science (#cienciaboricua) and there is no better time to acknowledge them than during Volunteer Week. Without these heroes of #cienciaboricua, without these #borinqueños and #borinqueñas, it would be impossible to obtain and appreciate the fruits of our labor at Ciencia Puerto Rico.  

So this week and always, we are deeply grateful for the work of the CienciaPR Team and the volunteers who help us with various initiatives. Thanks to all those who through the years have promoted and supported our mission and have made ​​CienciaPR shine in their schools, towns, and universities.

Happy Birthday, CienciaPR! In the next 10 years, we’ll strive for more!

If you’re interested in helping CienciaPR as a volunteer and finding out what opportunities are available, please complete this form or contact Reyna Martinez and Paola Giusti, our volunteer coordinators.