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Community outreach and science policy: a vision

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As part of the 10th-anniversary celebration of Ciencia Puerto Rico, we have been collecting stories from our volunteers to celebrate them and the work they do while also sharing with you the team's future vision for CienciaPR.

We want to remind you that the crowdfunding campaign #ConCienciaPR is still active! If you haven’t had the chance yet, please help us continue with our science education and promotion initiatives.  Please visit bit.ly/ConCienciaPR to make your donation. Thanks!

Today, we share the story of Uldaeliz Trujillo Rodriguez of San Juan, who has been a volunteer for CienciaPR for 3 years.   

Passion for education and the extended family of CienciaPR

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During my PhD, I really missed being close to my family in Orocovis and interacting with other Puerto Ricans that also wanted to contribute ideas to the scientific development of the island. I wasn’t sure where to start so I decided to invite Dr. Daniel Colón Ramos, a professor at Yale University, to offer a seminar to students and professors of my program at Brandeis University. Daniel agreed, and without realizing it, I got involved in one of the most rewarding projects of my professional life.

A pilgrimage through Puerto Rican Science

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To be in a cold, inhospitable climate, with your colleagues telling you stories of people disappearing under the snow in winter storms makes anyone second guess his decision to leave the beaches of my homeland for the cold winters of Boston.

After moving to that inspiring and musical city, somehow I learned of an initiative called Ciencia Puerto Rico, and they  had created a website. I thought: "More boricua nerds, good! What a great idea!" So I went to the site, created a profile and invited all my friends from the Chemistry Department at UPR-Mayaguez to join.

Anecdote: the "Puerto Rico Social" and promoting careers in science

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As part of the 10th-anniversary celebration of Ciencia Puerto Rico, we have been collecting anecdotes from our volunteers to celebrate them and the work they do. We also want to share with you the team's vision for CienciaPR.

Today we will share the story of Marla S. Rivera-Oliver from Arecibo.  She has been a volunteer with CienciaPR for a year and a half.

- How did you hear about CienciaPR?  

I've always been aware of science in Puerto Rico. During an internet search, I discovered CienciaPR back when it was just starting.  I created my account then and I have been aware of all the news that have been published since.

After school STEM programs: a vision

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My name is Paola Giusti Rodriguez and I am from Río Piedras. Although I’ve been a volunteer at CienciaPR for only 3 years, I’ve known about the organization for almost 9 years, and I share many years of friendship with many in volunteer team.  Samuel and I studied together at the UHS (University High School at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras) and we’ve known each other for more than 20 years.  Giovanna was my mentor at UC-Berkeley when I interviewed for graduate school and years later our paths crossed again in Boston.

The desire to write about science and how I became a volunteer for CienciaPR

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March 20th, 2007 is a unique day in my career.  That day I published my first lay science article in El Nuevo Día, Puerto Rico’s largest newspaper, entitled "Domestic birds a target for the bird flu”.  Three weeks later, on April 2nd, my third article was published. This one, entitled "Pluto goes to the psychologist," is special because it was the first of many in which I used science fiction and humor to educate about science concepts, in this case why Pluto was demoted from being a planet.

We are our volunteers

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Ciencia Puerto Rico exists and is a vibrant community thanks to the commitment, passion, and work of dozens of volunteers.  There are many who throughout the years have given their time, ideas and knowledge to make our organization what it is today.

To celebrate this, our tenth anniversary, we will be sharing stories of CienciaPR Team members. These anecdotes will highlight stories not only how our volunteers have played a leading role in the achievements of the organization, but also how they are an example that one can work for a better Puerto Rico, no matter where one lives.  

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