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Announcing the Forward Research and Innovation Summit!

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Are you a grad-student? A postdoc? A researcher?

Well, I have the perfect venue for you to present your work!

When? September 17, 2016

Where? During the Forward Research and Innovation Summit @ Sheraton Hotel, San Juan

What are you talking about? You may ask. Ok let me explain.

The Puerto Rico Science, Technology, and Research Trust is launching a unique event where researchers, entrepreneurs, and investors will get together to showcase the best of the best that is happening in Puerto Rico…and beyond.

Now that you are totally engaged and hooked with this amazing event, you need to ask HOW CAN I JOIN?

First, Is your work in any of the following sectors:

  1. Life Sciences
    (Includes: biology, microbiology, genomics/proteomics, biotechnology, applied bioinformatics, genetics, structural biology, biophysics)
  2. Information/communications Technology and Cybersecurity
    (Includes: informative technology, computer sciences, cybersecurity, data science, algorithm development, software development, game development)
  3. Physical sciences and Aerospace Technology
    (Includes: physics, astronomy, meteorology, chemistry, geology, mineralogy)
  4. Medicine and Public Health
    (Includes: clinical trials, medical devices, tropical medicines, public health, pharmaceutical sciences, oral health sciences, animal sciences)
  5. Electronics, Engineering, and Math
    (Includes: mathematics, statistics, robotics, hardware, engineering, renewable energy, industrial science, statistics)
  6. Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
    (Includes: agriculture, livestock science, ecology, clean technologies, food sciences, atmospheric and hydrologic sciences, geology, geography, social ecology)
  7. Other related science

Do you have a citizen science project? Don’t be shy, we want to learn also about that! 

Then, easy, just submit your abstract here:

Before August 5, 2016. (DON’T MISS THE DEADLINE!)

Now, all that is left for y’all is to call all your friends, lab mates, colleagues, neighbors, and spread the word!


Remember to send your abstract:

Questions? Please email:

Don’t forget to stay tune for more information about #ForwardSummitPR