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I’m a Latina tech founder and you can be too

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I’m a Latina tech founder and you can be too

by: Alana Matos, from Parallel18 Gen2

Me: “I’m not applying to jobs after graduation. I’m doing a startup.”

My mom: “A what?”

The day I told my uber traditional Puerto Rican parents that their Harvard educated daughter was not pursuing any sort of traditional career, I knew their hearts sank. This was not what they had envisioned when I told them I wanted to go to graduate school.

Creativity: a new skill (?) needed in science and technology

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Creativity: a new skill (?) needed in science and technology

By: Natasha DeLeon-Rodriguez, PhD

“The greatest scientists are artists as well” (Albert Einstein)

In previous decades, science, technology, and art used to hang out hand by hand. Artists like Leonardo Da Vinci were also inventors. Scientists like Einstein knew the importance of creativity to move science forward. But in our current time frame, we notice a clear division between scientists and artists. We see how society moves towards promoting science and technology but downgrades arts.


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Puerto Rico is at the Parallel 18… pin it!

By: Natasha DeLeon-Rodriguez, Ph.D.

Have you heard about Parallel18? If you haven’t, you should keep reading… if you have, but are not really sure what it is…keep reading… and become a fan!

The Puerto Rico Science, Technology, and Research Trust mission is to invest, facilitate and build capacity to continually advance Puerto Rico’s economy and its citizens’ well-being through innovation-driven enterprises, science and technology, and its industrial base.


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Finding answers in nature

By: Natasha DeLeon-Rodriguez

Do you remember when your grandma gave you natural remedies when you were sick? Well, she may have a reason for it at the end of the day. Since early civilizations, it is very common to use plants or natural remedies to survive different diseases and illnesses. In current times, it may not be a common practice, but most of the medicines we use today, came from nature. Antibiotics, probiotics, analgesics, relaxants, have bio- derived components. We may not be aware of the diversity that exist in the world, which is still mostly unknown to us. And since, we are unaware of it, we are also not aware of the capabilities it may have in medicine or other areas.


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Working towards a clinical trial culture in Puerto Rico

By: Natasha DeLeon-Rodriguez, Ph.D.

Doctors and researchers work towards developing new drugs, new procedures to cure, detect, prevent or treat diseases. But the people, families and patients, have put their trust and life by joining the clinical trials needed to determine if these drugs or procedures worked. The combination of both parts, doctors and patients, are crucial to advance medicine.


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Creating Bonds and Moving Forward

by: Greetchen Díaz

I’m a scientist. During the years of lab research, there was always a moment that motivated me more than anything: to share “my science” with others. I can bet that for every scientist this is a crucial moment as relevant as their own experiments. I completed a PhD and a postdoc in the United States. During all those years as a researcher, I traveled to many places with the purpose of revealing my findings and contributions to science. To participate in scientific conferences also gave me the opportunity to know the work of colleagues and establish connections and collaborations that have marked my career until today.


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