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PR-SPAN Ambassadors in action: Climate Change and the onslaught of Hurricane María

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During the past months, ambassadors of the PR-SPAN have been part of important investigations that reflect the current climate state, effects of climate change and the impacts of atmospheric phenomena inside and outside of Puerto Rico. Last November, the United States Congress published the Fourth National Climate Assessment (NCA4), a report on climate change in the United States and its territories. Isabel K. Parés-Ramos, environmental scientist and PR-SPAN ambassador, was part of the group of researchers who led the chapter on Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

What will happen to science after last midterm elections?

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Last Tuesday November 6, midterm Congressional elections were held in the United States for the 116th U.S. Congress. In the Senate, the Republicans solidified their majority and took two new seats from the Democrats, retaining their control of the upper house. The House of Representatives, however, saw a huge shift in membership and is now under Democratic control, resulting in a divided Congress.

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