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Anecdote: the "Puerto Rico Social" and promoting careers in science

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As part of the 10th-anniversary celebration of Ciencia Puerto Rico, we have been collecting anecdotes from our volunteers to celebrate them and the work they do. We also want to share with you the team's vision for CienciaPR.

Today we will share the story of Marla S. Rivera-Oliver from Arecibo.  She has been a volunteer with CienciaPR for a year and a half.

- How did you hear about CienciaPR?  

I've always been aware of science in Puerto Rico. During an internet search, I discovered CienciaPR back when it was just starting.  I created my account then and I have been aware of all the news that have been published since.

Puerto Rican Science well represented at #SFN2015

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Puerto Rican science was well represented in the annual conference of the Society for Neuroscience (SFN) recently held in Chicago, IL.  More than a hundred Puerto Ricans represented us in different sub-disciplines of neuroscience. This is the largest neuroscience conference worldwide, with more than 30,000 participants representing more than 80 countries. The event provides an ideal environment for the dissemination of recent scientific findings and to promote collaboration between scientists and help in the development of tools and ideas to advance neuroscience research.

Un bembé boricua:  PR Social PR 2015

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