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Updates regarding science policy with an impact on Puerto Rico and ways for scientists to get involved.

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Welcome to the PR-SPAN blog! This space will serve to keep the scientific community and general public informed about public policy issues that impact Puerto Rico.

The Puerto Rico Science Policy Action Network (PR-SPAN) is a new initiative of Ciencia Puerto Rico that seeks to activate the Puerto Rican scientific community, wherever it may be, to inform the development and implementation of federal, state and local policies based on scientific basis.

If you are an expert in science, technology, engineering, mathematics or health, and would like to contribute to public policy with impact in Puerto Rico, click here!

For more information about this initiative and how to get involved please contact us at and follow us through social networks.

Instagram: @prspanetwork
Twitter: @prspanetwork, #PRSPAN
Meet our PR-SPAN ambassadors! These Puerto Rican scientists will lead the PR-SPAN to ensure the participation of the scientific community in the deliberation of evidence-based public policies.

Past Ambassadors: