Triumphant at Mathcounts

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In the afternoon the Count Down Round took place. The moderator of that session, Dr. Cuauhtemoc Godoy confers with two of the participants. (Photos / david.villafane @

Approximately 150 students from 18 public and private middle schools participated Saturday, March 23 in the state Mathcounts competition.

Engineer Gabriel Echandi, Mathcounts coordinator in Puerto Rico, said that this competition is organized by the National Society of Professional Engineers and is cosponsored by the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, which hosted the activity.

"Mathcounts is helping to develop excellence in mathematics among middle school students, 6th through 8th grade. In Puerto Rico it has been held since 1978. This year, as in others, there are regional level competitions first and the winning schools then go on to compete at the state level, "said Mr. Echandi.

Antilles Middle School, Cupeyville School, St. John’s School and the University of Puerto Rico High School (UHS) qualified to th next round.

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