UPRH celebrates Bioscience Month 2022

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 October 12, 2022

Contacts: Ingrid N. Vázquez Valdez, MAC, 787-231-3116 ingrid.vazquez1@upr.edu | uprh.comunica@upr.edu Dr. José L. Ortiz Lugo | jose.ortiz25@upr.edu

UPRH Celebrates Bioscience Month 2022

(Humacao, P.R.) - The Department of Biology of the University of Puerto Rico at Humacao (UPRH) announces the celebration of Bioscience Month under the theme Leading the way of the Bioscence in Puerto Rico. The event will take place during the month of October and will include various activities aimed at students and various sectors of the scientific community.

Dr. Aida I. Rodríguez Roig, rector of the UPRH, highlighted this celebration that promotes and educates about the role of bioscience in the economic development of Puerto Rico. She also highlighted the work of the staff that coordinated this event, especially Dr. José L. Ortiz Lugo, the Industry University Research Center (INDUNIV), as well as the various local agencies that have made possible this event that promotes the participation of the scientific community, and promotes competitiveness in the fields of science and technology. "The University has a medullar role in the dissemination of knowledge in classrooms, laboratories, practical clinical experiences and the identification of spaces for this type of activity to occur. We recognize the initiatives, agreements and concerted participation of UPRH researchers and industry to transform and improve human beings and the environment," concluded the rector.

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