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Viernes, 26 junio 2015

Writing and Reviewing for Scientific Journals Online

July 6 – August 21, 2015
Applications Due June 26
Polish your draft manuscript while learning the ins and outs of successful manuscript writing.
APS is offering the online version of its course, Writing and Reviewing for Scientific Journals, July 6 – August 21, 2015. This course gives you the opportunity to learn about the manuscript writing, submission, and review process, all from the comfort of your home (or lab).
What is the course like?
Every 4-5 days you will have a new topic to cover online on Blackboard Learn. As you go through the self-guided activities, readings, and video presentations you will be interacting with other students on the discussion board and working with a well-published APS member to polish your draft manuscript. By the end of the course, you will not only have an improved understanding of writing and reviewing manuscripts, but you will also have a draft manuscript that will be ready for submission.
Here are the topics you will be covering:
  • Before You Write
  • Authorship
  • Choosing a Journal
  • Writing Methods & Results Sections
  • Writing the Discussion & Introduction Sections
  • Writing a Powerful Abstract and Title
  • Common Writing Problems
  • Submitting Your Manuscript
  • Peer Review Process and Responding to Reviewers
  • Being a Reviewer
What do others have to say about the course?
Here are some quotes from previous students:
  • If you are a young researcher, it is well worth it. It helped to build my confidence as a scientific writer and answered a lot of questions I had on the writing process and submission process.
  • It is as effective as taking a live course due to the feedback from the instructor.
  • This course is a very efficient way to grow as a writer. It gathers in one place things you might or might not know, and gives it a structure that one can built on to keep developing this skill. The class is tailored for physiologists, and this makes it even more effective. Knowledgeable instructors make the difference!
What is the Cost?
This course is subsidized by APS so participants only need to pay the following:
  • APS Student Member Price:  $200
  • APS Member Price: $250
  • Student Non-Member Price: $400
  • Non-Member Price:  $500
Ready to Apply?
Find the application instructions here: http://bit.ly/PSTWritingOnline
  • Application Deadline: June 26, 2015
Contact Miranda Byse, PhD, Program Manager at mbyse@the-aps.org



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