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H.R. 2528: STEM Opportunities Act of 2019

Simara Laboy Lopez's picture

The bill aims to raise awareness within Federal science agencies, promote research, and increase the participation of women, minorities, and other groups historically underrepresented in STEM studies and careers. This bill proposes to provide grants to institutions of higher education to recruit, retain, and advance STEM faculty members from underrepresented minority groups and to implement or expand reforms in undergraduate STEM education in order to increase the number of students from underrepresented minority groups receiving degrees in these fields. Also, the bill aims to identify, disseminate, and implement best practices at Federal science agencies to remove or reduce cultural and institutional barriers limiting the recruitment, retention, and success of women, minorities, and other groups historically underrepresented in academic and government STEM research careers. 

Bill Sponsor: Ms. Johnson of Texas

Legislative Body: 

US House

Relevance to PR: 

Puerto Ricans are underrepresented minorities who, even though they posses US citizenship, experience racism and are discouraged from pursuing opportunities to advance their careers in the mainland. This bill would encourage a greater participation of Puerto Ricans in diverse internships and programs offered in the mainland.

Current Status: 

Presented in May 7, 2019 and in the most recent amendment, included older learners, sexual minorities and veterans. It was reported with the amendment on July 30, 2019, committed to the Committee of the Whole House on the State of the Union.

Suggested action: 

In order to put this bill into action, we suggest citizens contact their representatives in Congress, and/or the commissioner, and express support to push it forward.