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Science will not thank you: volunteer anecdote

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“Doing science” is to generate knowledge. The process of generating knowledge does not involve any feelings nor does it allow you to know if your findings have any value or not.

This is because science is a human and social process.  The people who give value to the new knowledge generated are the scientists themselves who are people just like you and me.

Borinqueñas for a knowledge economy

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On November 2014, on the first anniversary of the blog Borinqueña, Dr. Greetchen Díaz-Muñoz, its founder, stated the following regarding the strength of Puerto Rico’s women scientists and engineers: “If we had to bet on science and technology to find solutions to our greatest challenges and to promote the growth of our economy, then our country is proudly in the hands of its women…”

Young Borinqueña wins poster competition at the annual American Society for Cell Biology meeting

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Congratulations to Yaliz Loperena Álvarez from the Central University of the Caribbean for winning third place on the poster competition sponsored by the Minority Affairs Committee at the American Society for Cell Biology Meeting held in Philadelphia from December 6th-10th, 2014.

Yaliz is a doctoral student in Dr. Michelle Martínez Montemayor’s laboratory at the UCC and she studies the mechanism by which the Reishi mushroom attacks cancer cells in inflammatory breast cancer.

From CienciaPR, congratulations Yaliz!

Borinqueña 101: How to choose a thesis advisor in graduate school

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Borinqueña emphasizes the contribution of Puerto Rican and Hispanic women in science and technology and provides a space to discuss topics of interest about the empowerment of women. In “Borinqueña 101” we will share experiences and advice that will be useful in your future career in science. 

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