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The Natural Resources Committee of the House of Representatives of the US Congress will be in Puerto Rico

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Session open to the public

Summary: The US House Committee on Natural Resources, which has jurisdictions over issues related to Puerto Rico, will be in San Juan on March 15, 2019. On that day, there will be a session open to the public in the Roberto Clemente Coliseum. Residents of Puerto Rico will have the opportunity to express their concerns to the committee on that day. The session will start at 6:30PM, and registration is required:

Legislative Body: 

US House

Relevance to PR: 

The House Committee on Natural resources has legislative jurisdiction over US territories, including Puerto Rico. This committee had a significant role in developing PROMESA. It oversees issues on natural resources, the environment, national parks, endangered species, climate change, and more. Representatives Nydia Velázquez and Darren Soto, who are Puerto Rican, are part of the committee, as is Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González.

Current Status: 


Suggested action: 

Suggested action: We call upon the scientific community to sign up to provide statements and share evidence on various science-related issues and problems Puerto Rico is facing. Priority topics could include: (1) Funds and financial security for the University of Puerto Rico, (2) the Independence of the Puerto Rico Institute of Statistics, (3) climate change adaptation and mitigation policies (e.g. renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, etc.), (4) the military cleanup of Vieques, (5) the Federal response towards Hurricane Maria.


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