32 scholarships for Puertorricans with deadlines in August

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Below you will find scholarships geared towards Puertorrican students with deadline between August 8-31.






August, 8


1. Sydney business school international student bursary program


2. Dean's scholarship for scientific excellence (20 places)



August 10


3. Becas para realizar el curso internacional “Criterios sísmicos en estructura de puentes” en Chile (20 vacantes)




August 12


4. Becas Flinders international postgraduate research (10 vacantes)


August 14


5. Unila convoca 707 becas de grado para estudiantes latinoamericanos




August 15


6. PHD research fellowship in eco- and climate psychology


7. Computer science scholarship at the University of Canterbury (5 places)


8. International scholarships for female students in New zeland (10 places)


9. International first year scholarship - University of Canterbury (24 places)


10. Design and communications PHD scholarship


11. Engineering international scholarship (10 places)


August 22


12. Becas para financiar estudios superiores del Municipio de Hormigueros (125 vacantes)






August 29


13. Becas para máster en digital business para latinos (15 vacantes)


August 30 


14. International geosciences scholarship


15. Brisbane consortium for the visual arts doctoral scholarship (3 places)




16. Beca Scuola Normale Superiore (91 vacantes)


17. Becas en Máster business law en España






August 31

18. Sport scholarships to study a master at EADA Business School Barcelona


19. Alliance MBS international undergraduate scholarship for social responsibility


20. International scholarship for undergraduate courses at Richmond University


21. Future leaders scholarship - Lincoln University (NZ)


22. Global challenges scholarship - Lincoln University (NZ)


 23. Sports scholarship at Lincoln University


24. International scholarships at Richmond University


25. International postgraduate research scholarship



26. Unisa president's postgraduate scholarships


27. Reproductive medicine fellowship at IVI


28. International postgraduate research scholarships in Australia


29. Research scholarships in Australia (2 places)


30. Postgraduate scholarships programmes in Germany


31. Law doctoral scholarship in New Zealand


32. Concurso para fotoperiodistas 


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