Curso para Biólogos y Artistas explorando la naturaleza de Puerto Rico en Cambridge, MA

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Monday, 21 December 2015

ISLAND LIFE: Tropical Field Studies of Art+Nature in Puerto Rico

Escape the cold winter to the Caribbean in an art, biology and nature immersion experience in Puerto Rico! This is a one-of-a-kind, site-specific program on the island of Puerto Rico. Embark on an art and science exploration of the diverse tropical wildlife from rainforest, mountain, beach and coastal environments. Through hands-on observation, artistic interpretation, collaboration and various biological and natural history methods, we will learn to utilize the natural habitat as a studio+lab to explore and make informed art about tropical plants, animals, habitats, and nature.

Program Highlights:

  • Art+Science instruction that includes: field sketching/drawing/watercolor painting, animal behavior observations, nature photography, species identification, ecological sampling, UV light nocturnal insect collecting, visualizing plant and fungal micro-textures and patterns, nature journaling, floral and botanical illustration, environmental-art and EcoArt and Field BioArt installations, Herpetology, BioAesthetics, Visual Ecology and various Field Biology, Ecology, and Natural History methods.
  • Daily individual and collaborative artmaking and place-based instruction in the field at various tropical ecosystems (e.g., rainforest, coastal beach, mangrove, karstic forest, elfin woodlands, cloud forest, etc.)
  • Hiking excursion to EL Yunque National Rainforest
  • Kayak/boat sunset and night excursion to a mangrove forest and bioluminescent bay
  • Snorkeling, underwater drawing and coral reef explorations on an uninhabited satellite island
  • Ocean-front camping, only a short walk away from a pristine sandy beach cove, a coral reef in crystal clear water, and karstic caves and rocky outcrops
  • Travel in various terrain types, including walking and hiking up hillsides, through the rainforest and forest scrub

Dates: January 7-13, 2016

Program Fee: $2100/person (ask about student and group rates)
Registration and Payment Deadline: December 21, 2015

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