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Research Assistant II/III (RC3-Assay)

Marine Biological Laboratory

The Rosenthal lab at the MBL has an opening for a full-time high level Research Assistant II/III starting Jan 10th, 2022. Higher ranks are possible depending on the applicant’s experience. The initial period of the hire is for 1 year; however, the position is part of a multi-year project and extensions are possible based on performance. Approximately 50 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, half of which experience it daily. Currently, opiates are our only effective treatment for sever acute and chronic pain and they are causing enormous issues across the country and abroad. For example, more than 2 million Americans are addicted to opiates and close to 50 thousand of them die each year from overdose. There is an urgent need to find alternative, non-addictive treatments. The position is to support research into using RNA editing as a novel non-addictive analgesic for the treatment of pain.

Position Summary
Specifically, the goal of the work is to generate highly effective guide RNA molecules that will drive RNA editing of the human Na channel NaV1.7 in order to reduce hyperexcitability in neural circuits. To accomplish this, the position will run an in vitro selection assay to identify top gRNA candidates. The work will entail extensive molecular biological techniques including PCR amplifications, molecular cloning, construct design, DNA sequencing, RNA editing enzyme purification, human cell culture, cell sorting using a FACS machine, in vitro RNA editing assays, the generation of recombinant AAV and/or Lentiviruses, and data analysis. Duties will also include managing the equipment and reagent stocks for the project and keeping careful records of research activities. The successful candidate will work in the Rosenthal laboratory in the Rowe Building, under the direct supervision of Dr. Rosenthal, and will need to work closely with Dr. Juan Diaz Quiroz (Senior Research Scientist on the project) and other members of the Rosenthal Lab and research team. This position will be supported by a grant from the HEAL program of NIH (1 U19 NS126038-01).

Basic Requirements
Applicants must have a BS degree in biology, or an equivalent area, and have several years of experience working in a cell biology, neuroscience or molecular biology research lab. The successful candidate must be highly organized with the ability to work independently and as part of a committed team.

Preferred Requirements
Candidates with an MS and experience in RNA editing or genome editing, or with experience with viral delivery systems, are particularly encouraged to apply.

Application Submission Documents

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume/CV
  • Applicants currently finishing their undergraduate degree, or within two years of receiving a graduate degree, must furnish a transcript of undergraduate grades.

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